Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Snow Man Cometh

In the mountains north of Taos, NM, locals and visitors alike keep watch for snow. This has been an annual occupation for many years in Red River, where most locals ski, and skiers, boarders and bladers come for family vacations, weekend getaways and spring break. But this year, there's a new purpose in their keen observance ... it's the first ever (and annual) Cover Red River with Snowmen competition, sponsored by Resort Realty and Red River Vacation Rentals.

This is a winter-long event, and being the first, there may not be many snowmen wearing top hats ... perhaps resulting in more snowmen in 10 gallon hats and a greater population of “snow women” this year! In the future, locals will have time to lay in supplies. But Diane Smith, of Red River Vacation Rentals, has been providing visitors with a basket of the basics, including said top hat, carrots and charcoal, as well as “snow people” building instructions.

It's a La NiƱa year, meaning less snow and more beautiful sunny days. But we have recently been blessed with a big snow storm and a large population of "snow folk" may suddenly appear. As with other fun events in Red River, “Covering Red River in Snowmen” will probably become a much anticipated winter activity. And just think of what fun it will be to take a drive through Red River to go "snow folk" spotting!

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