Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Our Taos Gas Outage Report

Aimee and I want to extend an awe-inspired thank you to the massive group of workers who have been and are still "relighting" Taos at the time of this entry.

Our gas was restored Monday afternoon by a worker from Colorado. Five-and-one-half days without heat in sub-zero temperatures was a challege for us, but all in all, we consider ourselves extremely lucky.

My modem was fried by one of the earliest electrical outages and my DSL line has been damaged. I didn't have internet access until late Monday, when I got a dialup connection from Kit Carson. My dogs were clearly sad by the loss of our heating: they missed their warm spots by the gas heater and the lack of sun for at least two days left them without sunny napping spots on the floor. Somehow we all managed to stay "reasonably" warm.

We hope and pray that our fellow Taos residents and those throughout New Mexico affected by this state of emergency will come through it as well as we have.

Our best to all.

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