Monday, May 2, 2011

May’s Not Really Spring

Sweet, warm breezes tickle the flowering trees, flowers are blooming... (insert sound effect of phonograph needle skipping across record here). Oh wait, this is spring in New Mexico!

There’s a famous quotation by Mark Twain, which I have heard attributed to New England, where he lived, and the midwest, where he lived; but in truth, it could probably apply to almost anywhere. It goes like this: “Don't like the weather? Wait a minute!”

Well, that’s certainly true of Northern New Mexico in the springtime, and while this year we already have trees in flower and we did have about six weeks of warm weather, we also had a snowstorm today... it was a downright blizzard outside. It was enough snow to stick. And enough for the dogs to enjoy their version of snow cones one more time.

Every spring we have some amount of warm weather, enough to lull me into believing that last snow storm won’t happen. I remember a few weeks ago remarking to someone that I was really confused this year because spring was acting like spring! That got a good laugh of course, because it is so true.

I have received emails from visitors to Taos Unlimited telling me they will be visiting in early May and asking if it is hot enough for shorts and T-shirts yet! I always get a chuckle out of that. I know they’re not expecting the answer I have no choice but to give them... “could be... and you’d better bring a warm coat and hat as well.” I always advise three seasons of clothing for early May visitors. Not really what they want to hear, but I imagine they thank me once they get here.

The great thing about a May snowstorm is that it can’t possibly last. The snow is usually gone in a day, and it almost seems like it might have been a dream. And we all know that 90 degree weather is most certainly just around the corner! ~Aimee

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