Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A New Mexico Cat

Sadie Lovebug is so named because she is a lover, not a fighter, unless of course there is a feather toy at hand!

Sadie is a tortoise shell kitty, which is a cross between a Siamese and a tiger cat. She has a beautiful coat which in places resembles that of a wild animal rather than a house dweller. She most definitely has the Siamese trait of being a talker, though she is starting to quiet down a bit at age 12. She is a cat with many hobbies, including bird watching, arranging any papers, fabrics or other art supplies I might have on my work table, and watching television while cuddling late at night.

Sadie is also a supervisor. She keeps watch on my work all day from her perch on a trunk by my desk. She also keeps an eye on any sewing or needlework of any kind that I might need to do, and she is the Executive Chef in our kitchen. She makes sure everything is prepared just so.

On the other hand, she does of course have a pet peeve or two, the most notable being the camera flash. She patiently sits for me while I take pictures of her, but it’s clear she doesn’t understand why I would want to torture her in that way. This results in a slightly sad look on her face in just about every photo I have ever taken of her. The only other thing which appears to make her unhappy is when I am too busy for her to get enough cuddle time at night. But that I can certainly agree with!

Sadie has one little habit which I find unique. When she sleeps on her side, she tends to curl her tail around one of her legs, like a furry ankle bracelet. One of these days, I’ll have to get a photo of it. ~Aimee

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